Today, we celebrate the greatest miracle in human history, the incarnation of our Sweet Lord Jesus, who willingly left the glory of Heaven to humbly take on human form because He loved us so much.  As a God taking on the humble form of a human, he willingly endured all the pains, turmoil, and trials that we experience as humans so that He could fully, experientially understand all of our troubles and, in turn, make himself capable of being our Savior, Comforter, Healer, Helper, Friend, Advisor, Advocate, and High Priest to plead for us before God the Father.  And although He endured all of our human pains out of love in order to be able to minister to us perfectly, He went far beyond our pain, so great is His love.  The second greatest miracle is the magnitude of His God-sized love which He freely gives to each and every one of us, loving us as if we were an only child.

It was this God-sized, immense love that drove Him to the cross as He willingly endured the most horrific and unjust torture that any human being has ever endured.  As a God and as a morally perfect man without any sin, it would seem to be outrageously unjust that He should bear the full weight of our sin in order to reconcile us to God.  But this is the mystery of God’s tremendous love since He is more than willing to suffer that injustice in order to have fellowship with all of His beloved human creations.  The Father suffered because He had to endure the grief of seeing His only son go through such immeasurable pain.  He suffered grievously as any earthly loving father would suffer in seeing his child go through any unnecessary suffering which he could not stop.

But He was willing to give the world His highest and greatest treasure, His only Son, because He loved us so much that He would withhold nothing from us.  And the Son willingly suffered out of love the cruel physical tortures that were inflicted upon Him even before He was nailed to the cross.  So great was His God-sized love that He would willingly endure all this pain and injustice because He knew He was the perfect, unblemished lamb that was required to atone for the sins of all of humanity.  He bore every bit of that horrific pain freely to show us how much we mean to Him and how much we are worth to Him.  

There has never been paid such a great price for anything as flawed as we are, but His mysterious, tremendous, limitless love for each of us is just too great to not pay that price so that He could redeem His children back into right fellowship with Him.  But even with our flaws, there is so much treasure in each of us.  We are, each of us, a miracle of God's own creation and are treasured by God more than the greatest earthly or heavenly treasures.  This is why He was willing to pay such a great price for us because we are the greatest treasure in His eyes, and He would pay any price to redeem us back to Him.  And now that He has paid that great price of redemption, the sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb Jesus, we owe a debt that we will never be able to repay, but we are made right with God through Jesus' perfect blood so that we can walk in loving fellowship with God all the days of our life.  So we have much to celebrate in this season.  We have boundless joy for the miracle of a God’s love which compelled Him to willingly leave the glory of heaven and come to this world taking on the weight and the trials of the flesh to demonstrate His God-sized love for each and every one of us.  And we have immeasurable joy in knowing that He would pay the highest price of His own life because He loved us so incomprehensibly much.


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